Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tapes tapes more tapes and a zine.

I'm back son! Got a webstore set up with all price post paid in the US. check it out!

     I'm getting shit together for the Burnt Cross tapes and Oi Polloi tapes. Both are amazing anarcho bands from overseas.
The inserts for these are being printed on recycled paper and are coming with stickers. I still have to print the Oi Polloi stickers. Ill post when these are done.
I'm also helping out a post hardcore band, The Hospital Blues, with a run of 25 tapes. Not sure if ill have any to sell they're being made for a memorial show for Kendra Proctor.

     On another note, I'm doing a zine. Its called Root Breath. Its a submission based artwork zine. Comix, drawings, paintings, collages, weird shit. If you have any of that email it to rattailhorde(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Go like the Root Breath page and the Rat Tail Horde one as well to keep updated.



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