Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Burnt Cross

Hey hey, once again it's been a good while. I'm a procrastonator, what can I say? Anyways I've been working on the layout and artwork for the Burnt Cross tape I'm putting out. Burnt Cross is an awesome 2 person anarcho band from the U.K. that are full of anger and energy. This is going to be a discography tape with a little chapbook style lyric book also stickers and possibly a patch. I'm excited for this release. I'm also still working on the Tok'ra tape and cds, those should be out soon as well. I want to also put out there I want to do a comp tape of bands that are animal friendly or vegan friendly. Email me at if your band falls under this catagory. Anyways ill keep you all updated about these releases and what not. Let everyone know about this label especially your friends band that wants to put out a tape..really want primitive black metal and powerviolence bands right now, but still tell everyone. Hails -jvstin


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