Thursday, December 1, 2011

So It’s been a while since I updated the blog. I’m just lazy about it and don’t have internet access through the computer. Anyways, A lot has been happening around the Hordequarters, Here’s what’s been up…

A few months back I released “Code Orange Kids – Embrace Me/Erase Me” cassette. We did a Limited run of 50 of which they took on their tour. The release had a lot of delays (lack of funds, my dubber died out) but got it to them. Looked cool and is a killer tape.

After that we did the “Overdose on Vitamins – 10 Reasons to O.D.” CD. This is a folk punk group I play bass in. We still have these if you want one. This was the first CD we did and it turned out alright. It could be better in my opinion.

We put out the “POVVER – Summon Eternal Magic” Tape. This is the Blackened Crust band I drum in. This tape turned out a million times better than expected. We got them together so we’d have a newly recorded release for Skull Fest. We’ve since changed our name to “TOK’RA” and have started writing for a Full Length and 7” that are both expected to be out early 2012 the 7” is a split release with GO! RECORDS. There are still a couple tapes layin around if you’d like one.

Also we did 2 more CDs. One was my acoustic project and the other was the “Scrap Kids/Business Fairy” split. They were made for the weekend trip to Boston I did with Scrap Kids. Both Scrap Kids and Business Fairy play acoustic Ska Punk. I still have a handful of both releases if you’d like one of those.

Finally, I printed a bunch of shirts with the logo Dusty drew us on them. They also say Hail The Tail above it. I have a good amount of these left. Please buy one to help fund the TOK’RA 7”!
There are a lot of releases in the future for Rat Tail Horde, To keep more updated check out the facebook page, it’s the easiest thing to update. Ill try to update this more often.
If you want to buy anything listed here, send me a demo, talk shit or know of a band in need of tour cds/tapes email me at We’re looking to release for Black Metal, Power Violence, Hardcore Punk, Skate Punk, Crust/Raw Punk, D Beat or any variation of those.