Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kill Me.

I've been out of touch lately. I've pretty much quit releasing tapes for a while due to lack of funds.
I'm not going to stop doing rat tail horde. I've been releasing Ba'ad Trip tapes and putting out Root Breath Zines.
I hope to pick things back up eventually.
In the meantime keep up to date with my band Ba'ad Trip HERE and Root Breath Zine HERE.

I'm focusing on both of those a lot. Root Breath has kind of turned into just my comics and stuff basically because I procrastinate so much and have trouble getting my friends stuff together.

If yer interested you can buy stuff from me HERE. I'll hook ya up.
Been updating Cashless Bastard too.
King Rat.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So I put out my first zine. Its a collective of friends artwork and Comics.
It turned out pretty awesome.
If you want a copy head over to the webstore and order one!

Burnt Cross tapes are pretty much ready. Next up is the Oi Polloi tape.

Moving slowly but surely.

Hit up the store and help me get more tapes out.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tapes tapes more tapes and a zine.

I'm back son! Got a webstore set up with all price post paid in the US. check it out!

     I'm getting shit together for the Burnt Cross tapes and Oi Polloi tapes. Both are amazing anarcho bands from overseas.
The inserts for these are being printed on recycled paper and are coming with stickers. I still have to print the Oi Polloi stickers. Ill post when these are done.
I'm also helping out a post hardcore band, The Hospital Blues, with a run of 25 tapes. Not sure if ill have any to sell they're being made for a memorial show for Kendra Proctor.

     On another note, I'm doing a zine. Its called Root Breath. Its a submission based artwork zine. Comix, drawings, paintings, collages, weird shit. If you have any of that email it to rattailhorde(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Go like the Root Breath page and the Rat Tail Horde one as well to keep updated.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heavy Clouds Follow Me.

So Ive been trying to get this Burnt Cross Tape out. I havent had the cash to order the tapes yet. Everything else is set in stone...other than the tape being dubbed.
I will for sure get this thing out hopefully soon! You'll all know.
I have a couple copies of the Tok'ra Tape, if you want one email

I've also set up a storenvy. You can look at it for now if youre as boring as me.
I have the Burnt Cross tape up for PREORDER now. Preorders get a sticker and patch of the cover.

Anyways. I'll post again once I get that B.C. tape out.
party on.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Burnt Cross

Hey hey, once again it's been a good while. I'm a procrastonator, what can I say? Anyways I've been working on the layout and artwork for the Burnt Cross tape I'm putting out. Burnt Cross is an awesome 2 person anarcho band from the U.K. that are full of anger and energy. This is going to be a discography tape with a little chapbook style lyric book also stickers and possibly a patch. I'm excited for this release. I'm also still working on the Tok'ra tape and cds, those should be out soon as well. I want to also put out there I want to do a comp tape of bands that are animal friendly or vegan friendly. Email me at if your band falls under this catagory. Anyways ill keep you all updated about these releases and what not. Let everyone know about this label especially your friends band that wants to put out a tape..really want primitive black metal and powerviolence bands right now, but still tell everyone. Hails -jvstin

Sunday, February 5, 2012


So the Tok'ra CD is being mastered right now. Recording went awesome and the tracks already sound killer!
Anyways I screen printed 46 Cases a couple weeks ago for the initial release to be released with 2 Stickers and possibly a couple buttons.
There isn't really any other releases lined up for the horde as of now but we are looking for bands similar to us to do splits with.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for when we release it. Contact either Aaron or I to get a copy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

So It’s been a while since I updated the blog. I’m just lazy about it and don’t have internet access through the computer. Anyways, A lot has been happening around the Hordequarters, Here’s what’s been up…

A few months back I released “Code Orange Kids – Embrace Me/Erase Me” cassette. We did a Limited run of 50 of which they took on their tour. The release had a lot of delays (lack of funds, my dubber died out) but got it to them. Looked cool and is a killer tape.

After that we did the “Overdose on Vitamins – 10 Reasons to O.D.” CD. This is a folk punk group I play bass in. We still have these if you want one. This was the first CD we did and it turned out alright. It could be better in my opinion.

We put out the “POVVER – Summon Eternal Magic” Tape. This is the Blackened Crust band I drum in. This tape turned out a million times better than expected. We got them together so we’d have a newly recorded release for Skull Fest. We’ve since changed our name to “TOK’RA” and have started writing for a Full Length and 7” that are both expected to be out early 2012 the 7” is a split release with GO! RECORDS. There are still a couple tapes layin around if you’d like one.

Also we did 2 more CDs. One was my acoustic project and the other was the “Scrap Kids/Business Fairy” split. They were made for the weekend trip to Boston I did with Scrap Kids. Both Scrap Kids and Business Fairy play acoustic Ska Punk. I still have a handful of both releases if you’d like one of those.

Finally, I printed a bunch of shirts with the logo Dusty drew us on them. They also say Hail The Tail above it. I have a good amount of these left. Please buy one to help fund the TOK’RA 7”!
There are a lot of releases in the future for Rat Tail Horde, To keep more updated check out the facebook page, it’s the easiest thing to update. Ill try to update this more often.
If you want to buy anything listed here, send me a demo, talk shit or know of a band in need of tour cds/tapes email me at We’re looking to release for Black Metal, Power Violence, Hardcore Punk, Skate Punk, Crust/Raw Punk, D Beat or any variation of those.